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Sukhdi / Gol Papdi

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

➡️ First, prepare the plate or thali to set the sukhdi. Grease the plate (bottom and sides) well with ghee.

➡️ Take the ghee in a pan. Turn the heat on low-medium.

➡️ Once the ghee is melted and gets slightly hot, add wheat flour.

➡️ Mix with a spatula. it will be like the thick, lumpy paste.

➡️ Roast it with stirring constantly for 4-5 minutes. Or till the atta gets some color and you will get a toasted aroma of the flour.

How to know that flour is roasted well? - It gets darker in color. ( Roast it till it becomes like the colour of Parle G) - You will feel very light and airy as your stir compared to before. - It becomes runny because the ghee will ooze out while earlier it was like thick, heavy paste.

➡️ Make sure that you do not burn the flour. If you are making in smaller quantity like me then it will be done very quickly.

➡️ Once the flour is roasted, turn off the stove. Now its time to add jaggery.

➡️ It will melt right away. Quickly mix it.

➡️ Immediately pour into the prepared plate, even out the surface using back of the spatula or back of the steel glass or katori.

➡️ Let it cool down slightly. While it is still warm, Slice into desired shape (diamond/square) and size. If it cools down completely, you cannot slice it properly.

➡️ It tastes awesome when served warm. However, you could also feed your child once it cools down and can be taken as a snack in travelling or long journeys.

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