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Babies in Playroom

Hey There

We have a collection of activities for the growth and development of the children where the aim is to nurture learning based on experiences.

Chubby Cheeks Club has delicious and yummy toddler recipes to keep both fussy and non fussy eaters entertained.

Some quick sleep tips, to some simple home remedies for seasonal sickness and much more for all the mothers to keep their little ones active all day!

Shachi Desai began her journey with a Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training from a reputed university in United Kingdom.

She is a caring and passionate teacher who cares for the children and families. She relates well to the children and likes to make them feel welcome each day.

She is passionate about the early years of a child because she believes they are important to a child's life where all the learning and developing happens and the child's character begins to develop.

She always wanted to be a part of this process to help children grow, develop and learn new things.

She is also passionate about art and creative crafts, cooking, music writing poems and giving the best to the children.

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