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Nappy Rash

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

➡️ Once the child is regularly feeding, the baby’s nappies will frequently get wet. Some babies may develop a nappy rash, which appears as redness or inflammation in the bowel area.

➡️ Here are some very easy home remedies for nappy rash:

Changing diapers often

Apply coconut oil

➡️ This remedy can work if the nappy rash is too new. So a little redness if seen then applying coconut oil can work.

Egg White

➡️ This remedy is magical! Egg white works as a remedy for nappy rash by creating a barrier between your baby’s skin and the irritants causing the rash.

➡️ This is similar to how nappy creams work.


Here is a step by step process of how to apply egg white for nappy rash:

➡️ Get a raw egg and crack it into a bowl separating the yolk from the egg white.

➡️ Whisk the egg with a fork.

➡️ Make sure your baby’s bottom is clean and dry. You can wipe it with cotton wool and warm water or a warm flannel/towel. Try not to use wipes as they will aggravate the rash.

➡️ Place your baby on a muslin square, towel or clean nappy before applying the egg white ( this will also help to catch any sudden poo or pee).

➡️ Use a cotton wool ball to carefully apply a thin layer of the egg white to your baby's bum.

➡️ Leave your baby’s bum uncovered and allow it air-dry till the egg white forms a thin mask and barrier on your baby’s bum.

➡️ Let your baby enjoy some nappy-free time and fresh air before putting on a new diaper.

➡️ Cover the egg white and place it in the fridge to re-apply later. It can stay for 24 hours.

➡️ Whisk a fresh egg white the next day and start the process all over again till the sore bum heals.

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